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Free Abortion Argument Ebook !
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Original acoustic 12 string guitar songs. Launched Jan 2015.
New song every 2 weeks! Final goal 150 -200 songs!
(I guarantee ... you have never read anything like this  55 page Ebook!)

The abortion argument stands or falls on the validity of abortion rights .  It is that simple.  If abortion rights are valid, so is abortion.  But ... if abortion rights are invalid, so also is abortion.

Did you know atheistic, evolutionary science (Naturalism) does not recognize the existence of abortion rights ?  The atheistic evolutionist is an adamant pro-lifer!

And what about abortion and the Bible ?  Can a pro abortion argument be mounted there?  While some have made such an attempt, you will learn how Biblical Theism flays even a concept of abortion rights .  In this free Christian Ebook, abortion and the Bible are positioned against one another in interesting - and unique - detail.
The abortion argument is deeper than just a womans rights ... much, much deeper.
So, that leaves one last bastion of thought from which abortion rights can spring. Only one enclave can support the abortion argument - Humanism.

If you will take the time to read this free 55 page Ebook you will learn new things about the abortion argument uproar.  You will be armed with objective facts, pertinent humor (yes ... humor), deduction and logic.  You will even be able to dismantle abortion thought and practice - before the material on abortion and the Bible is even addressed!

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Extra!   Extra!

The arguments for slavery and abortion are substantively identical.  Even the industries built upon both human groups have the same dynamics.  In this article you will learn how the preborn will be emancipated apart from Theism - as Evolutionists are adamant pro-lifers!   13 pages

He will open your eyes to see ... He does have material adressing abortion in the Bible !

Here are three more Articles from this Ebook (basically).

"Embryonic Stem Cell Research - A Unique Declaration"  4 pages

"Abortion, Governing Officials - and the Bible" 3 pages

"The Abortion Argument, The Fertile Egg, and the Bible" 3 pages

Here is the song, 
“Jesus and the Blind Man"

Read the story behind this drawing.
It also is a larger view of this drawing.

And here is my Commentary on that song!

This Ebook will open your eyes to aspects of the abortion argument you have never previously considered.

Many of you will relate to this blind man!

Here is everything I know about where the stick figure gospel presentation has been downloaded.
You may find this of great interest!

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