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                           Bible Study on Love
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Free Ebook!   "Love and the Bible"

Do you think "love" is an important subject in Christianity?

Well, if you have wanted to do a thorough Bible study on love - that cites every New Testament Bible verse about love - look no further!
            For a great Bible study on love, read John 8:1-11.  The adulterous woman ... and her man?
Love.  Wow!  What a topic.  But, ... what is it exactly anyway?  Can it be defined?  Can it be created?  Can it be turned on and off?

This free Christian Ebook is a 55 page Bible study on love set in a first person narrative.  Every Bible verse about love in the New Testament is listed ... but in the context of a personal journey that brings questions - searching - and then answers.

And what about God's love ?  Is it unconditional?  Is the Greek word, "agape," reserved specifically for God's love ?

This free Ebook is more than a Bible study on love .  And it is more than a compilation of each Bible verse about love .... Much more.

[Read the story behind this drawing!  It goes with my song, "Jesus and the Woman Caught in Adultery".  This one may really surprise you!  There is also has a larger view of this drawing.]

While you may detect pain in this narrative journey, do not assume any injury has ended with regret.  Indeed, these experiences became catalysts that produced this Ebook.  And I have the feeling that others may relate to my experiences ... maybe too well.

This ebook examines every NT Bible verse about love.  That makes it worth ... more than this!Once you have the proper Koine Greek definitions for, "love," then an accurate Bible study on love has begun!  When you place these corrected understandings in each Bible verse about love , you will probably conclude this is your first real Bible study on love . And I predict that once you start - you will not stop - until you have examined every Bible verse about love .

Here is a 5 page Article from this Ebook.

"Why Agapao Can Not Mean, 'The Divine, Unconditional Love of God' - and Phileo Cannot Mean, 'Brotherly Love'"

Truth, indeed, sets one free.

This is a two article series
Both of these are truly unique and may be as important as anything I have ever written. 

Cherishing Jesus Christ and the Bible
Did you know ... this is essential for salvation? So, ... do you? This is a critically important matter to investigate. And we must be right in this. (11 pages).

Satan, Fallen Angels, Us and the Bible
When writing "Cherishing Jesus Christ and the Bible" it was necessary to address Satan's role in that matter. Soon, that material became so long that it diverted that articles main point. The remedy? Let it become its own article. So, ... here it is. (13 pages).
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This poll comes from page 10 of the Ebook, "Love and the Bible".

You can read to that point in just a few minutes.

If, by then, you have found nothing of value, then the rest of the material probably won't be worth your time .... But, that isn't going to be the case!

Here is everything I know about where the stick figure gospel presentation has been downloaded.
You may find this of great interest!

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