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Learn What the Bible Says About Death !
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 Death affects everything in our lives.  Creation has been affected.  Our bodies have been affected.  Our personalities have been affected.
  What the Bible says about death applies to every one of those things.  The study of death in the Bible is an exercise of the first order.  What the Bible says about death is a bedrock for understanding what it says about life - now and hereafter.

There are three types of death in the Bible to which we may succumb.  Do you know what they are - and if they can be avoided?

Additionally, to study death in the Bible - and believe its exceptional claims - will place adherents in direct opposition with the theory of evolution.  In fact, what the Bible says about death totally undermines evolution - before it can even forward its first speculation!  The Bible attacks the very engine that drives evolutionary theory ... death itself! 

But, ... is there a possible, viable, middle ground as so many claim?

                                         Jesus death affirms many truths on what the Bible says about death .         

Jesus' death in the Bible ultimately becomes the focal point of study for those who seek to understand what the Bible says about death .

Understanding death in the Bible - will brings life to those who grasp it.  God's knowledge - coupled with understanding - automatically carries life.

Here is my song: “The Rejected Stone”.

And this is the Commentary that goes with it!

And this is the story behind this drawing!
It also gives a larger view of the drawing!

Here is a video explanation of the drawing, too!

His death brings many elements of what the Bible says about death all together in one event.
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What is taught about death in the bible ... applies to every person on the globe.
Here are two Ebook Articles from this Ebook.
More are planned!

"I Went From a Believer to an Unbeliever ... in Evolution"  6 pages

"Death and Life and the Bible"
   5 pages

For more on evolution's impossibility: "Evolution's First Male and the Bible".  What a ridiculous theory.


Here is everything I know about where the stick figure gospel presentation has been downloaded.
You may find this of great interest!

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