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Eternal Rewards
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Is it possible there can be an investment opportunity that actually "ends" - in eternal rewards ?

We possess three things in limited quantities - time, energy and money.  If you believe God is using this work to expand His Kingdom, and want to be part of it, here are a couple of ways.

Time and Energy:
Prayer is labor before God - as it is an investment of time and energy.  Epaphras was "always laboring earnestly ... in his prayers" for the Colossians (Col 4:12).

I am amazed at the traffic coming to this Website from all over the world.  People are searching!  I am going to regularly post everything I know about these visitors from my tracking service (Last update April 25, 2012).

While this activity is exciting ... it is also alarming.  It is exciting when someone from Chile (Santiago), or the Philippines (Manila), or the UK, or Australia (Tally Ho), or Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) ... exits this Site with "The Stick Figure" Gospel Presentation PDF File in front of them - but, it is also alarming ... because I know Satan is lurking on that end ... seeking to keep his domain of sin and death intact.  I do not have enough time or energy to pray this through.

Prayer is a solo transaction between an individual and his/her Creator.  If my work here becomes a part of that mix between you and God - how could my efforts be more honored?  I can not repay you for this - and that is not my place anyway.  This is labor towards God, and He is the one who repays.
Glory to our God who turns our Christian donation into eternal rewards !Here is the song, Glory to God in the Highest

This is the Commentary on that song :)

Here is
the story behind this drawing.

Or the video talking about this drawing!

Concerning Money:

The Bible teaches that a Christian donation used by God is the premier financial investment opportunity .

These "end" in eternal rewards .  Read this Free Article: "Eternal Rewards and the Bible" .

However, there are conditions for a Christian donation to qualify as an investment opportunity that ends in eternal rewards .

1.The donation must be given by a Christian.

2. That Christian donation must actually be used by God.

3. The Christian donation must come from one who is debt free.  It is not God's will for His children to be in debt.  Get out of debt first - as this is God's will for the use of your money (Ro 13:8, 1Tim 5:8, Pro 22:7).  At the very least, liquid assets must exceed any debt.  But, if you have that, why not go ahead and erase the debt?

It is a privileged opportunity to participate in God's work.  Whether in money or labor, there is no greater investment opportunity .  Since God has already given His Son for us - the giving of eternal rewards is small to Him - but huge to us.  But, as enumerated above, He does set the conditions for those rewards to become reality.

So, ... if you are a Christian ... debt free ... and think God is using this work to strengthen or expand His Kingdom ... then you may decide to choose this investment opportunity for your Christian donation .

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  It's that simple!  Thank you for your Christian donation ! 

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Read the story behind this drawing.Eternal rewards - offered by God - are surrounded by impregnable hedges!

It goes with my song, "Hedges in No Man's Land".

See a larger version there.

My Intent With Your Money:

This is simple.  The first priority is renewals and maintenance of the site.  Then it's all about promotion, promotion, and promotion.  Currently, I am spending under 1K a year - so the money thing is no big deal.

However, if you believe this site could generate income (with all things here remaining totally free with never a solicitation for money) - contact me.   If your knowledge and efforts result in income, it is only right that you receive a commission.

By the way, ... speaking of money ... what do you actually know about the tithe?   Take The Tithe Test now - and find out!!

I hope God uses this Site ... like a spiritual Daisy Cutter.  The Daisy Cutter is a bomb that explodes into a myriad of bomblets - cutting down everything under it.  I hope each ebook and article is a bomblet - falling from cyberspace attacking Satan's strongholds everywhere.  When spiritual strongholds are brought down, captives are set free, and "skip about like calves from the stall" (Mal 4:2).  This happens one thought at a time ... one insight at a time ... one prayer at a time.

Here is everything I know about where the stick figure gospel presentation has been downloaded.
You may find this of great interest!

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