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Tithe and Offering
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Free 36 page Ebook!  "No Tithe for the Christian"
But, first ... see how much you know about the tithe ... by taking "The Tithe Test"!

For those of you who teach that God requires 10% of a Christian's cash to go to the local church for life (or wherever you say it should go), here are a few urgent questions you must answer! You will do this either now or at The Judgment, so see this as a dress rehearsal! 
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Does God require the Christian to tithe ?
And is it ... a church tithe ... A mandated deposit to the local church every week for life?
And is the local church tithe just the first part of God's tithe and offering directive?

These Questions NEED Correct Answers!

You and I are accountable for our money - how we use ... and direct its use!  So, I ask again, ... what do you actually know about the tithe?  Well, let's find out!
Does God require a local church tithe from His soldiers?  What is His tithe and offering directive?

My Personal Guarantee:

After taking this test, grading yourself, and then reading, "No Tithe For the Christian" - you will be well on the way of becoming an expert on the tithe .
You will also learn the underlying motives propelling this local church tithe - and if the current tithe and offering teaching is actually the Biblical tithe and offering teaching!

But most importantly, you will know what God expects a Christian to do with his/her cash!

Start The Journey NOW!  You will not regret this.

Read the story behind this drawing!
This goes with my song,
"Commander of the Lord's Army".

Instructions: (This test will take 3 to 5 minutes  - tops!)
1.  This is Anonymous.
2.  Write your answers on a sheet of paper, or print a copy of "The Tithe Test Response Sheet".
3.  This is to be taken "cold" (now) and is closed book.
4.  Grade yourself.  You can get the answers at the bottom of the test.

1. How many Bible authors wrote commands about the tithe - its purpose, amount and procedures ?

2. Who are they ?

3. What was done with the third and sixth year tithe ? Who had access to it ?

4. Can you explain the “ tithe cycle ” of the Israelites ?

5. What was done with the tithe every seventh year ?

6. Explain Abram’s tithe . What did Abram give Melchizedek ?

7. Did any of the Levites tithe ? If so, to whom and how much ?

8. How much money did the tithers give to the Levitical Priests ?

9. In the “to the Levites” tithing years, did all the tithe go to the Levites ?

10. What group did Jacob give his tenth to ?

11. What were the conditions God must meet before Jacob would give that tenth ?

12. When was the tithe “rediscovered?”

13. Who is credited with that “rediscovery?”

14. What was the catalyst for that “rediscovery?”

15. Is tithing the number one responsibility for the Christian and his/her money ?

16. What kind of curse should the Christian expect for failing to tithe (Mal 3:17-23)?

17. Where did Jesus tell Christians to bring their tithe ?

18. Where did Paul, or the other New Testament writers, tell Christians to bring the tithe ?

19. When the Corinthians, and others, were making their collection for the saints, what was done with that collection before Paul and company took it to Judea ?

20. Can the tithe be given to parachurch ministries ?

YOU'RE DONE! ... And I know you didn't cheat.  I know you took this "cold" and closed book!
And I know you finished this test - before getting the answers!

To see how you scored in relation to others, enter your "Percent Correct" on the poll below.

Number Correct = Percentage

1=5%,  2=10%,  3=15%,  4=20%,  5=25%,  6=30%,  7=35%,  8=40%,  9=45%, 10=50%,11=55%,12=60%,  13=65%,  14=70%,  15=75%,  16=80%,  17=85%,18=90%,  19=95%,  20=100%.
(by the way, I think this resets after 200 votes. I wish I had previous poll results recorded somewhere!)

Interested in seeing a compilation of visitors who have exited with one of these tithe documents open?  Tithe inquirer ... you are not alone!

Now,... a few free questions.

If you are mistaken in your "conviction" about a local church tithe , is God required to honor
your mistaken view ?

If you are in error about the tithe and offering , is God obligated to overlook your error and honor
your intentions ?

Does the entire tithe and offering issue end with directives from your preacher ... your church ... your denomination ?  Does God answer to them ?

And to whom are you accountable for the use of your money, labor ... and life ?

Now, ... a few free thoughts.

If our Living Creator even hints that a tithe and offering is His will for promoting His agenda - I want you participating!

But, if He has other priorities for the use of your money - unmistakably enunciated in His Word - that is what I want ... for us all!  That is the place - the only place - God will be honored ... and true Kingdom expansion will occur.

Get this Ebook , "No Tithe for the Christian".   Just do it !

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Extra! Extra!  Read All About It!

This is a spin-off  Article in response to a reader's email.  You may find this ... interesting!
"The Christian's Money and the Bible"

* * * * * * * * * * * *
And for an even more in depth investigation into God's will for a Christian's Cash ...
"Compliance Directives for the Christian's Cash - and the Bible"

* * * * * * * * * * * *
And in case you missed this earlier, here is a little one page article that asks you some simple questions about the tithe. If you teach or believe there is a tithe for Christians - you must address these simple questions. I dare you.
Four Urgent Questions for those who Teach Christians are to Tithe Today

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
So, who did tithe in the Bible ... particularly under the Mosaic Law? Do you think all the Israelites tithed? This is going to be a real shocker for you - especially the first six pages!
Who Tithed in the Bible?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
Also, if you are the curious sort, I have accumulated a list of visitors to this website who "Out Clicked" with one of these Tithe documents open. Here are the Tithe stats I know of for all the countries (and their cities) with a different list for USA visits (just by States).  But just as intriguing, I include samples of "search queries" which are extremely revealing!  Last Updated: February 20, 2011.

He is the Boss ... about the tithe ... about the tithe and offering ... and about a church tithe .
Actually, He is the Boss ... about everything.

Here is everything I know about where the stick figure gospel presentation has been downloaded.
You may find this of great interest!

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