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Free Christian Ebook (s) and Free Online Article (s)!
Is information from one of the world's oldest books ... relevant today?

It's amazing how uninformed most people are the contents of this perennial best seller.
What does God's Word actually teach about sex? About work? About money? About abortion? About government? About religious frauds? About love? About death? About evolution ... homosexuality ... the end of the world ... the afterlife ... or, capital punishment?

Most are even unsure of the Bible's main point !
Concerning the issues of life ... To Whom Shall We Go?

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Goal 150-200 original acoustic 12 string songs - with a commentary also for each song!
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My goal ... each free christian ebook and free online article is treasure springing from Gods word

Each free Christian Ebook is an in-depth discussion on the chosen topic. God's word is applied directly to any contrary position for your review. It is by this method, myths in science and culture are exposed - and dispatched!

It is amazing how relevant God's word is to every culture ... in every age.

The Bible is indeed ... a treasure chest.
There is nothing that compares to the material in His Book.

Here is my song that goes with this drawing: Open Up and Listen!

Here is my Commentary on this song.

And here is a video explanation of the drawing :)

Here is the story behind this drawing ... and a larger view of it.

The Free Christian Ebook (s)!!
(The only difference between a free Christian Ebook and a free online Article - is the length!)

"No Tithe for the Christian"
What does Gods word actually teach about one's money - and the tithe?  Is it possible one might be sinning against God by "tithing?" (36 pages)
And here is an urgent query for all you who teach there is! (1 little page!)
* * * 

"Abortion: How (and Why) Abortion Resides in the Weakest Form of Human Thought and Valuation"
Is abortion a permissible right - or an abhorrent civil travesty?  Does scientific Naturalism (evolution) have a position on abortion?  Upon what basis does abortion thinking arise? (55 pages)
* * *

"Death and the Bible"
 True or False: Death has been with us from the first "living" molecule.  One world view answers,"True!" The other says, "False!  ... And you?   Is there a viable middle ground? (44 pages)
* * *

"Love and the Bible"
Love. Is it a feeling ... or a choice ... or a series of choices?  Is it possible "Christian" preachers and teachers are teaching error ... about Love?? (55 pages)
Shocks are in store!
* * *

"Capital Punishment and the Bible"
Can one person rightfully kill another person?  Is it possible executions are acts of righteousness, acts of humility ... even commanded by God? (35 pages)
* * *

"The Role of Women in the Body of Christ and the Bible"
This work is the result of my Christian journey and interaction with the Bible materials. It is written for my eternal sisters in my eternal family. Of course, the entire family needs to know the info. What began as an article, I guess has developed into a small ebook :) (36 pages)
* * *

Now For Some Bonuses!
Here is Bonus #1.

The Stick Figure Gospel Presentation"
Are you looking for a simple way to present the Bible’s main point?  Would you like to find a method that assures you systematically address each element of that message ... without making you sound like a robot? If so, then check this presentation out! (12 pages)

The video below is an example presentation. The length of an average sermon!

If you are intrigued by this gospel sharing method, then you will find the following video of great interest. It explains each step of the presentation, and the thinking behind each step, in an in-depth manner.
 You have spent 40 minutes ... in worse ways!

* * * 
Bonus #2

"Matthew 18:15-17 as a Procedure for Addressing Offenses Between Christians
This is my Master Thesis for a Master of Divinity (1992).
  It was written for professors - so, I shelved it.  But, I recently re-read it ... and decided it wasn't quite as bad as I remembered.  Though written for “academia,” you still might find it worth your time investment. Now, ... to just do what it says ... (39 pages)
* * *
Bonus #3

"The Running Oration - with Demarcations"
"The Running Oration - without Demarcations

This is a harmony of the Four Gospel accounts from the Upper Room through the Ascension. One version has "Scene Demarcations" while the other is unbroken narrative.
This may be the best thing I have ever done  ... or will do. (27 pages)


The Free Online Article (s)!!

* * * * * * *

Two Articles On Christian Salvation Matters

"The Central Message of the Bible"
The Bible was finished 2000 years ago.  Is there a main point?  If so, what is it?  Is that point relevant today?  This is a great opportunity to educate yourself and learn the central point of this perennial best seller! (5 pages)

" 'Why a Roman Crucifixion?' and the Bible"
Was it necessary that God-in-the-flesh die ... on a cross?  Did this method of exit somehow make His blood more powerful?  If you haven’t really thought much on this, you might now. (3 pages)

(for a method to present the gospel, take a look at the "Stick Figure Gospel Presentation")

* * *
 A Four Article Series On The Christian's Breadth of Mind

"Breadth of Mind and the Bible - An Illustrative Philosophical View"
Christians are often accused of being narrow minded.  Is it possible a Biblical Theist has actually accessed the broadest form of human thought?  How does Humanist thought measure up?  And could a Biblical Theist have a greater breadth of mind than ... an atheistic, evolutionary Naturalist?  ( 6 pages)

"Breadth of Mind and the Bible - A Personal Narrative"
Most people know someone who has "converted" to Christianity.  From a purely mental, intellectual viewpoint ... what has happened here?  This is really a great mystery ... or is it?  Would it help to hear from someone who underwent such a change - with an additional 32 years (and counting) tacked on?  Is that enough time for some reflection and perspective - and objectivity and research?  You be the judge.  (5 pages)

"Breadth of Mind and the Bible - Spiritually"
Why is there so much confusion on spiritual matters?  Even if one just focuses on Christianity, there is very little agreement among competing scholars ... thus all the different denominations.  So, how is the "Average Joe" supposed to know what material is actually from the Creator?  (6 pages)

"Breadth of Mind and the Bible - The End Game"
Is the Christian life simply a system of "do this" and "don't do that"? Is that it?  Or is there an end game - some substantive event on the horizon that motivates a Christian to seek righteousness ... as God defines it?  Well, you have probably already guessed ... we are heading to this last question. (10 pages)

 * * *
A Three Article Series on the Bible in Our Hands Today

"Textual Criticism and the Bible"
Does anyone truly believe he/she possesses original Biblical documents?  Well, if you don’t have what Moses or Paul (etc.) actually penned ... then you must have some sort of copy.  So, how far removed is it from the original documents of Moses and Paul and the rest?  God truly does want us to investigate matters ... and to think. (3 pages)

"Translations and the Bible"
Why are there so many different Bible translations?  And how difficult is such an undertaking?  How much is known about the Koine Greek or Hebrew scriptures?  Well, let’s pull back the curtain a bit and see what a Bible translator is facing.  Who knows - you might decide to become one! (3 pages)

"The 1611 Authorized King James Translation of the Bible ... and the Bible"
Did you know you have never read the King James Translation?  You may think you have ... but you haven’t.  Why hasn’t anyone ever told you this?(3 pages)

* * *
A Three Article Series On Man's Nature

"Man's Nature: One's Metaphysical Imprint and the Bible"
Where do personal abilities and aptitudes come from?  And why do people do so many bad things?  And why are people so different? It matters ... that we are more than matter. (3 pages)

"The Nature of Jesus' Temptations and the Bible"
How can Jesus sympathize with our weaknesses - when He did not have a sin nature?  And wouldn't our struggles against sin be harder because of our sin nature?  This article ... will be worth your time.  (6 pages)

"The First Homosexual and the Bible"
If everyone is naturally heterosexual, then where did the first homosexual ... come from?  If simply a learned behavior ... from whom did the first homosexual learn?  And why have millions of individuals chosen sexual activity, relationships and social structures unnatural to them ... if they are truly heterosexual?  A must read.  (9 pages)

* * *

A Freestanding Article On Man's Nature

"The Natural Man, The Old Man and the Bible"
Is divine justice ... evil?  Is divine mercy ... owed?  What is man's situation, what is his condition, according to the Bible?  If you are breathing, which you are, this is material you should acquaint yourself with ... even if you do not yet believe it. (7 pages)
* * *
A Three Article Series On Prayer

"The Foundation For Received Prayer, and the Bible"
Why do people pray?  But, does God even exist?  Can He hear us - and does He care about our situations?  The Bible addresses these questions ... even if you do not like the answers! (3 pages)

"The Content of Received Prayer, and the Bible"

What should a person pray about?  Are some areas "off limits?"  How can we know God's will about anything anyway?  This Article answers these questions and more.  And in it you will find ... this author's greatest regret. (3 pages)

"The First Received Prayer ("Metanoia" - Repentance or "Metanoeo" - Repent) and the Bible"
Firsts ... are memory makers.  Many never forget their first night away from home, first solo bike ride, or first love.  But, what about the first prayer your Creator accepts from you?  When that happens ... what happens?  And is there some specific content that needs to be in that prayer?  This Article is ... unique.  You might even change your mind about some things. (13 pages)

* * *
A Two Article Series On the Christian's Attitude in This Age

"Personal Happiness and the Bible"
Is personal happiness dependent upon external circumstances?  Is this elusive state one that can be cultivated in concert with - or even in spite of - those external circumstances?  People long for it ... but even the fabulously wealthy say it can't be bought.  Well, I have searched too - and this is part of what I have found.  (8 pages)

"Vexed Daily and the Bible"
What can we possibly learn from a man who lived 4000 years ago?  Can the sordid account about Lot, and his wife and daughters, be even remotely relevant to us  - today?  Well, ... come and see. (11 pages)

* * *
Six Free Online Articles on Money, Work and Reward!

"Work and the Bible"
Work dominates most people’s lives.  It is mixed with burden - and reward.  Does the Bible address such a practical subject ... in a practical way?  What is secular work?  What does the Bible say about manual labor?  Is there any lasting value in our labor?  Find out now in this concise Article - a springboard for a great Bible study, too! (4 pages)

"Eternal Rewards and the Bible"
Christians are referred to as soldiers, co-laborers - and sometimes ... slaves.  If service is rendered (or required), is it to be assumed there will be no compensation?  Don’t skip this one. (3 pages)

"The Christian's Money and the Bible"
Does God care about a thing as mundane ... as money?  Who has rights to it?  Is there a “first responsibility” with it?  These are questions ,,, you may want to know the answers to. (3 pages)

"Compliance Directives for the Christian's Cash - and the Bible"
Does it matter to God what we do with our $$cash?  Does He have designs for it - and if so, does it make any sense?  And is it possible the church itself is a threat to one's compliance before our Creator? "Come, and see."  (13 pages)

"Urgent Inquiry To All Who Teach Tithing for Christians Today!"
This is an urgent inquiry. (1 page)

"Who Tithed in the Bible?"
The genesis for this article came via email from a reader. It is a list of all those who tithed in Israel under Law! This is a real eye opener! You have to see the charts in the first six pages! (18 pages).

(And, for the record, ... there is "No Tithe for the Christian")

* * *
Six Articles on Church Organizational Matters

"Ordination: An Exhaustive Research Article on what the Bible teaches about the Ordaining of Christians to the Clergy - Complete With Footnotes"
So, what does the Bible actually teach about the clergy?  And, more specifically, what about ordination to the clergy?  This is a must read! (2 pages)

"Boring Sermons and the Bible"
Have you ever endured a boring sermon?  Have you ever wondered what God Himself may think about such thing?  Does He even have an opinion? (2 pages)

"Religious Frauds and the Bible"
We all know there are religious frauds.  History - past and present - is littered with spiritual charlatans.  And hypocrisy, by the religious, is often the butt of jokes.  So, does the Bible address this subject?  If so, what does it say?  Surprises are in store! (3 pages)

"The Necessity of Spiritual Independence and the Bible"
Is there a difference between religion - and faith?  If so, what is it?  It’s possible you have never wondered about this.  But, then again, maybe you have.  The next few paragraphs may confirm ... some suspicions! (3 pages)

"The Local Church, Voluntary Association, and the Bible"
Do you have the liberty quit attending a local church at your own discretion?  Or, does local church leadership have authority from God to resist - or even prevent that?  Let’s see if you are a rebel - or a born again believer! (3 pages)

"Open Church Membership vs, Closed Church Membership, and the Bible"
Is the practice of church membership a harmless practice?  Should one even question it?  Is such inquiry the product of one who likes to "strain out a gnat and swallow a camel"?  Well, there is only one way to find out
! (3 pages)

* * *
Three Articles on Sexual Matters

"Sex and the Bible"
What does the Bible teach about sex ... about marriage, divorce and remarriage?  What about homosexuality?  This Article is, “Just the facts, Ma’am.” However, four End Notes offer some prevalent interpretations of those facts.  This is a great opportunity to educate yourself and this lends itself to a great Bible Study.  A must read! (5 pages)

"The First Homosexual and the Bible"
If everyone is naturally heterosexual, then where did the first homosexual ... come from?  If simply a learned behavior ... from whom did the first homosexual learn?  Why have millions of individuals chosen sexual activity, relationships and social structures unnatural to them - if they are truly heterosexual?  A must read.  (9 pages)

"Masturbation and the Bible"
Some contend single Christians have the liberty to masturbate as the Bible is silent on this issue. Is this correct? Does one's position on this matter impact anything else ... spiritually? Another ... must read.

* * *
Eight Stand Alone Articles on General Christian Living

"Forgiving Others and the Bible"
When sinned against, is it the Christian's first duty ... to forgive the offender?  Many emphatically answer, "Yes!!"  Well, as you already suspect, this article challenges such an assumption.  If you have ever been sinned against ... you may want to read it. (9 pages)

"The Common Man and the Bible"
Is every person unique, special and precious in God’s sight?  Or does God identify a common man?  If so, what makes one common?  Does He count you - a common man?  I think you will be glad you read this. (2 pages)

"A Christian Website and the Bible"
Does the Bible say anything about a Christian website?  How could it?  That Book was completed two thousand years ago!  Well, you may find some surprises here. This material may even cause thinkers ... to rethink! (2 pages)

"Christian: The Best Things You Can Do for Your Country"
Are you alarmed over the moral condition - and direction - of your country?  Is there anything you can do about it?  There are two things you can do for your country that may be the difference between the life ... and death of it.  You probably do not fully realize how much power you have in this matter.  And you can do both of these things. (2 pages)

"How Much of the Bible Can a Person Not Believe ... and Still Be Okay?"
The title of this Article ... is a really good question.  Actually, it is an extremely good question.  In fact, the only thing better than it is ... the answer. (3 pages)

"The Confounding Power of God, The Christian, and the Bible"
Have you ever been confronted with a list of “Bible Contradictions?” Do they rattle you?  Well, here is on Christian apologist who enjoys studying them.  Find out why they do not shake him up! (3 pages)

"My Last Article and the Bible"
We all have a finite amount of time before we die.  But, do we really KNOW that?  Why is death is universal - and yet so surprising?  Does the Bible address such an issue?  If so, does it encourage - or discourage - us?  After all, we are all heading toward our "Last Article."  (4 pages)

"Count the Cost:  Rejected for Christ, and the Bible"
When Jesus said, "Count the cost" - what was He talking about?  Should persecution and rejection be expected - when seeking to benefit others?  If so, what should one's reaction be - and why?  The Christian life consists of building blocks. Here is one. (3 pages)

* * *
Twelve Stand Alone Articles on General Theological Issues

"Me and the Bible"

So where does my responsibility begin and end in reference to the Bible itself? Where does yours? I believe this one will change your thinking. (12 pages) 

"The Royal Priesthood and the Bible"
Do you have any idea who you really are in Jesus Christ? I need to read this again myself. It might change my life. (12 pages)

"Cherishing Jesus Christ and the Bible"

Is this ... essential for salvation? If so, why isn't this taught? While I can't be sure of this at this time, it may be that God has kept me alive long enough so as to get this one out. (11 pages)

"Satan, Fallen Angels, Us and the Bible"

I really think you will find this material on these spiritual beings quite unique. I do not think you will regret the time spent reading this article. (13 pages)

I bet ... you are a foreign missionary. I bet  ... you do not know who you are in Jesus Christ. Well, at least in regard to your work in this age.  Do you want to bet? (10 pages)

"Heaven and the Bible - The Short Version"
Heaven will be ... ? What will it be like? What will I be like?  What will we be able to do?  Does the Bible give any clues about this?  Fortunately, there is quite a bit of information, but here is "the short version."  (2 pages)

"Hell and the Bible - The Short Version"
Can a more disagreeable subject be written about?  Is Hell a religious invention of threat - intended to induce better behavior?  Anyone who deals with the Bible must deal with the material on this topic.  Here is a start.  (2 pages)

"The End of the World and the Bible"

This Article examines the two major end times systems - where they agree, disagree and why.  After reading this, you will know more than most adherents of either system! (4 pages)

"Why Would A Perfect God Make Imperfect Beings?"
If God is perfect, then why has He made such a flawed world?  Is there an answer to this? (3 pages)

"The Voice of the Flesh, The Voice of Demons, The Voice of God, and the Bible"
Every communique springs from a rudimentary source - and that “voice” has an accompanying value system and agenda.  We would serve ourselves well to properly identify the fount that is generating some message toward us - and know if it is friend or foe.  That is the purpose ... of this communique. (3 pages)

"The Anger of God and the Bible"
Does God get angry?  If so, why?  And what is He wanting to accomplish by it?  I doubt you have ever read anything ... quite like this. (3 pages)

"13 Reasons for Calamity,Disease, Accidents, Afflictions, Mayhem, and the Bible"
Can any sense be made of the body blows of life?  Are we simply the victims of random mayhem - or is there some purpose behind life's troubles?  And, is it wrong to ask, ..."Why?"  Well, come and see! (4 pages)

* * *
Four More Articles on the Hoax/Impossibility of Evolution

"Logic, The Trinity, Naturalism and the Bible"
What is more logical - The Trinity or atheistic evolution? (15 pages)

Did you know there are two different kinds of atheists? It's possible the Bible doesn't even address one of them. But, ... He will. You gotta read this one. (4 pages)

"Evolution's First Male and the Bible"

Of anything that is - there was a first one.  There was a first song, first dollar bill, first ebook.  There also was a first male.  Could evolution get to "him"?  Is the Biblical alternative plausible? (12 pages)

"Evolution and Homosexuality"
How does homosexuality fit in with evolution?  Is it a “viable alternative lifestyle?”  Do Evolutionists recognize “civil rights” for man?  God is left out of this document ... and Evolutionists are called upon for answers. (15 pages)

(More of my work on evolution is in my free christian ebook, "Death and the Bible " and my ebook article,
"I Went From a Believer to an Unbeliever ... in Evolution")

* * *
Abortion Advocates:  Unparalleled Hypocrites

"The Stunning Civil Rights Parallels Between American Slavery and Abortion"
The arguments for slavery and abortion are substantively identical.  Even the industries built upon both human groups have the same dynamics.  In this article, you will learn how the preborn will be legally emancipated apart from Theism - as Evolutionists are adamant pro-lifers!  (13 pages)

The Free Ebook Articles !
(These articles come from inside one of my ebooks ... thus ebook articles!)

"Why Agapao Can Not Mean, 'The Divine, Unconditional Love of God' "
Did you know it is impossible for the Greek word, agapao, to mean, “the divine, unconditional love of God” ?  And the Greek word, phileo, can not mean, “brotherly love.”  Fortunately, you do not need to know Greek to discover these assertions are correct.  And you will not need to “interpret” the Bible either.  All you need to be able to do - is read (which it appears you can).  In a matter of moments, you will know more about the Bible’s teaching on love than many a “scholar”!  A must read! (5 pages)
* * *
"Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Harvesting - A Unique Declaration"
Naturalists and Biblical Theists have many objections to embryonic stem cell research and harvesting.  This unique declaration examines the most basic one.  Here is a clue.  What is it called when one consumes another of the same species? (4 pages)
* * *
"Death and Life and the Bible"
Evolution and the Bible are at opposite poles on the subject of death.  They are also at odds on the subject of life - its origin, purpose and destination.  Did you know the Bible teaches that three deaths are possible for man?  And you have already experienced one!  The Bible also distinguishes between being alive - and having life!  This is a must read for any human - and you qualify! (5 pages)
* * *
"I Went From a Believer to an Unbeliever ... in Evolution"
A point came when I knew it took more faith to believe in Evolution - than the Creation Account of Genesis.  Doubt this?  Here are five basic evolutionary beliefs that require a faith more massive than any faith a Biblical Creationist must muster. (6 pages)
* * *
"Abortion, Governing Officials - and the Bible"
While there are many facets to the abortion argument, probably one of the most important - and often overlooked - is the role of governing officials in this matter.  Does the Bible say anything about governing officials and abortion?  A must read! (3 pages)
* * *
"The Abortion Argument, The Fertile Egg, and The Bible"
The abortion argument begins ... where?  Does it start with the embryo, the first heartbeat, the first brainwave, the beginning of the third trimester ... or with the fertile egg?  Or should there even be an abortion argument at all - as this entire debate is a privacy right's issue under the full jurisdiction of each individual woman? (3 pages)
* * *
"The Tithe Test"
So, ... what do you really know about the tithe?  Well, here is an opportunity to find out!  This 20 question pop quiz comes complete with answers! (4 pages)

... and more!

"Tithe Stats"
This is not an ebook, or an article, or an ebook article.  But, ... it is interesting.  It is a compilation of  downloaded tithe documents by location.  This new teaching ... has spread. (growing pages)

Free Tell A Friend from Bravenet.com Free Tell A Friend from Bravenet.com

Freely I Give Because Freely I Have Been Given!         

On April 17, 1977, I became a Christian.

In the ensuing days, weeks, months and years, God has never charged me a penny -
For his knowledge ...
For His wisdom ...
For His understanding ...
or for His comfort, encouragement, guidance, hope, joy, promises, present actions - or ongoing pardon.

He is not going to charge me a penny -
for eternal life ...
an immortal body ...
a place in an incorruptible new heavens and new earth ...
or for all the immeasurable riches He has decided to lavish upon me - for all eternity.This photo was taken before I ever wrote a free Christian ebook.

Anything I know that has any true value - has been freely given to me.

There are many ways I am not like God.
Very often, I do not act like Him ...
react like Him ...
talk like Him ...
or think like Him.
But, this is one time I have decided to be like God.

To me - He has freely given.  So, to you - I freely give!  But ...

Do not mistake “free” - with “cheap.”
Do not assume this material is simple.
Do not assume it is shallow.
Do not be deceived into thinking it is naive ... or narrow in breadth.

I will challenge you - time and time again.
I will measure you - and expose your shallowness and inconsistency of thought ... and errors.
I will change how you view some things - maybe how you view a lot of things.
Things like love, death, and money.
Things like abortion, evolution, sex, and government ... just to name a few.

If you are a mental adventurer - I will not disappoint you.It appears each free Christian ebook and free online article ... cost me.
I will make you think ... and rethink.
Assess ... and reassess.
Examine ... and reexamine.
You will come away from my work ... different.

So now that you’re here - come on in!
The only cost is your time and energy of thought.
I do not intend on wasting either.

Robin Calamaio

Each free Christian ebook ... has already been paid for.
So, whether you avail yourself to a free Christian Ebook - a free online article - or one of the Ebook articles ... know that you are investing in yourself. It is a privilege for me to be a part of that investment!

This is my favicon image in case you  are wondering.   The Cross is followed ... by an empty tomb.

Here is everything I know about where the stick figure gospel presentation has been downloaded.
You may find this of great interest!

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